Sun & Moon NEW Release Tournament

Pokemon TCG NEW Release
Sun & Moon
February 4, 2017

Sat, February 4, 2017

The Arena
983 Little East Neck Rd. West Babylon, NY 11704

Registration: 12:00PM – 12:45PM – Play begins at 1:00PM

Event Fee: $ 25.00

** Limited-Sealed format! **

In a Limited event, players construct their decks using only cards provided by the Tournament Organizer at the event. Each player’s deck must contain exactly 40 cards at all times. Decks may contain more than 4 copies of a single card, as defined by the card’s English title, with the exception of cards which are limited to one per deck by card text. Matches are played for 4 Prize cards.

In a Sealed Deck event, players receive 5 booster packs from the Tournament Organizer at the beginning of the event. Each player opens all of his or her booster packs at a signal from the Tournament Organizer and constructs a 40-card deck using only those cards and any basic Energy cards provided by the Tournament Organizer. Players have 30 minutes to construct their decks. Players may not trade the cards from their booster packs with other players until the tournament ends. Once the first round of the tournament begins, players may not alter the contents of their decks.
Basic Energy will be available for deck construction.


** Prize Support **

1 Booster pack per player will be added to the prize pool.
Prizes for top players in each division. (Prizes based on division attendance)


Pokemon Player ID is required! (if you don’t have a player ID, one will be provided for you).

For More Information, check out our Facebook community page.


Robert Mirabile
Long Island Premier Tournament Organizer (PTO)

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