Munchkin CCG Release Event

Munchkin CCG Release Event
Sunday, March 4, 2018

Location :
The Arena
983 Little East Neck Road
West Babylon, NY 11704

Sunday, March 4th – Munchkin CCG Release Event
Registration begins at 12:00pm. Play begins at 1:00pm.

Entry Fee : $ 25.00
Limited Format (Best of 1 + Top Cut): Draft + Swiss

Players will receive the following:

Prize Support

  • One booster pack per Player will be added to the Prize Pool
    Top 4 Players will receive Aggro-Bat and Booster packs via chart below.

    • 8+ players
      • 1st – 5 booster packs
      • 2nd – 3 booster packs
    • 16+ players
      • 1st – 8 booster packs
      • 2nd – 4 booster packs
      • 3rd-4th – 2 booster packs
    • 24+ players
      • 1st – 10 booster packs
      • 2nd – 5 booster packs
      • 3rd-4th – 3 booster packs
      • 5th-8th – 1 booster pack

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Limited Format

In a Limited event, players construct their decks using only cards provided by the Organizer at the event. Each player’s deck must contain exactly 30 cards. Unlike Constructed, a Limited deck may contain more than 3 copies of a single card, as defined by the card’s title, with the exception of cards that are limited to one per deck by card text.

Booster Draft

In a Booster Draft event, players will receive four booster packs from the Organizer at the beginning of
the event. Players split into equal-sized groups, which will not exceed 8 players per group, and are seated in a circle.

At a signal from the Organizer, each player opens one booster pack without revealing its contents to the other players. Each player then selects one card from their booster pack and lays it face down in front of them. Once a card has been placed in a player’s stack, it is considered selected and cannot be returned to the pack in exchange for another card. Players then pass the remaining cards, face down, to the person on their left. The cards selected by each player should remain private knowledge during the drafting process. Each player continues to select one card from among the cards handed to them until all the cards have been selected.

This process repeats for each remaining booster pack, with the passing pattern alternating from left to right as each new pack is opened. After all the booster packs have been opened and all the cards have been selected, each player constructs a 30-card deck, using only the cards they selected. Players have 20
minutes to construct their decks.

Players may not trade the cards they selected in the draft with other players until the tournament ends. The Organizer may require players to fill out deck lists, including the cards in their decks and any cards not being used. Once the first round of the tournament begins, players may not alter the contents of their decks.

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