About Us

Our Approach

BattleCityGym is all about serving the gaming community whether its a Convention, Premier event or just our local events for Trading Card Games, Roll Playing Games, Tabletop Games, or any other type of gaming in general.

We feel that playing games brings people together to enjoy something they love, plus its a great opportunity to reconnect with old friends and make new friends that will last a lifetime. In these busy times its also a great way for families to get together for a few hours for a “Family Game Night” where they can have a few laughs, talk about whats going on in their life and get away from their busy schedule.

Our Story

We started out when my 10 year old son wanted to play Pokemon and the only location was over 40 miles away, so I contacted our local hobby store and The Pokemon Company Int. and set up our first event on March 28th 2010. This is great opportunity for Pokemon players to come together to play, we didn’t know what to expect and when the store opened and over 20 players showed up we knew that by providing a service for the gaming community is a great way for them to get together. We knew that day this is something that we wanted to do.

Over the years we have continued to grow with the gaming community and experience in running our events to the point that we are known for running the best and smoothest events in New York. We have expanded our horizons with other TCG/CCG games, Roll Playing Games and Tabletop gaming and will continue to grow to sever the gaming community.


Meet the Team

Everyone here is a co-owner of BattleCityGym so we will always do our best serve the gaming community.



Robert Mirabile

Founder & CEO





Michael Mirabile

Vice President / Accountant

Michael, also known as “Magic Mike” has been with us since the beginning, yes this was that 10 year old who wanted to play Pokemon so many years ago. Michael has grown along with the business and continues to grow with a key business sense



Amanda Beck

Sales, Customer Service & Satisfaction




AJ MacKay

Sales, Judge, Customer Service & Satisfaction



Next Steps…

If you have any questions, feel free to drop us and e-mail and we will do out best to help.